DILLON J. WELCH: Poem in Which We Live Many Lives and Are Always Happy

from by 90s Meg Ryan



–– Poem in Which We Live Many Lives and Are Always Happy ––

I find a constant chime in the way of things.

The tomatoes, ripe.

A rope swing in sway since the windstorm Tuesday.

A Solar eclipse lasts three times as long when You stare at it like that.

This week there are two Tuesdays and no one can explain it.

Try explaining winter to a hopeless Floridian.

Try explaining golf to anyone.

Tomorrow, reservations to that diner you love.

In this one the family dog feels nothing.

The sound of small things slipping away.

Bark mulch piled in the backyard.

You once said you’d raise a batch of chickens.

You once said you’d once raised a batch of chickens.

Keep dragging the kids back to batting practice.

Make them wear long, elaborate sleeves.

Every day is a coupon book.


Never leave the house without telling their fortunes, no matter the weather.

No matter the weather, we’ll still pull the bright blue tarp out.

It takes fourteen years to pull the bright blue tarp out.

Regimes rise and fall and the earth turns a very specific number of times.

People no longer use the word “longitude.”

In this life we are very happy and eat many ice cream cones.

Nothing ever drips.

We buy an abandoned industrial complex and open seven ice cream shops.

We name each one after each of our sons.

The eighth son is upset but he knows what he did.

The second Tuesday finally comes and we are cold and it is hardly winter.

The grass is still grass.

Everywhere a dog is barking at some animal in a tree.

Neighbor says Perpetual Motion! from behind the hedges.

His nose never shows but we know it’s there.

Proper utensils come boxed and in the mail.

It Is Our Anniversary says another box filled with coupons for dish soap.

Another box shows up but we are sitting on the roof.

Another box shows up but we are sitting on the roof.

Four hundred boxes show up and we can see every one from the edge of the roof.

In this one we have no roof.

Moments waiting.

I try to explain formica to a Jesuit priest.

I fall asleep at the breakfast bar in our kitchenette.

I sleep for a whole lifetime and when I dream I dream of this one little postage stamp, fallen behind the fridge.

DILLON J. WELCH is an MFA candidate in Poetry at NYU. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in CutBank, inter|rupture, Jellyfish, Phantom Limb, Pinwheel and other journals. He is currently Editor of AMRI and Poetry Editor of Swarm.

More: www.dillonjwelch.com


from The Decision To Karaoke, released August 20, 2014


all rights reserved



90s Meg Ryan Muncie, Indiana

In 1989 Meg Ryan immortalized herself as Sally Albright.
Throughout the next decade, she mesmerized us all.

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