from by 90s Meg Ryan




the first cat I ever had is dead
and I'm in Seattle bitch allergy
to the order of water or

ether falling on ether falling
it isn't even sunrise the sky
monster gulls over cawwww

and I am trying my best
at a peaceful mind the ink
of grief and where it is not

another cat is dead things
die we expect it I watched
him be born yellow orange

gold and grope (his eyes
still closed) for movement
isn't that a beautiful urge?

I called him Magellan then
exploring the earth and then
we called him Ron Howard

because his ears were so big
life is stupid and so much less
beautiful than I wanted a fairy

dressed as a human with a hula
hoop sells me weed and then
a transgirl named Rosie

bright poppy colored red
on her mouth and her friend
who is suspicious of me but

also of everything the ether
sky the night falling he's onto
me he's right I've been waiting

in the park all day crying with
the gulls and weeping cawwww
I don't know when the next cat

dies likely millions are in the act
right now dawn is irreconcilable
out west I've learned that

I smoked all of the weed it was
dead already and I couldn't
bare to leave any left

DANA JAYE CADMAN is a writer living in Brooklyn, NY, where she received her MFA and co-hosts Banquet Reading Series. She is a poetry editor at Circus Book. Her work has appeared in North American Review. Blow her up, read her feelings @danajaye.

Circus Book: www.circusbook.org


from The Decision To Karaoke, released August 20, 2014


all rights reserved



90s Meg Ryan Muncie, Indiana

In 1989 Meg Ryan immortalized herself as Sally Albright.
Throughout the next decade, she mesmerized us all.

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